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Ciudad Real

(Encyclopedia) Ciudad Real thyo?o?? r?l, city (1990 pop. 58,170), capital of Ciudad Real prov., central Spain, in Castile?La Mancha, on a fertile plain between the Jabaln and Guadiana rivers. It?

Real Presence

(Encyclopedia) Real Presence, expression of the belief among certain Christians, especially Roman Catholics and some Anglicans, that the actual presence of the body and blood of Jesus is in the?

The Real Blonde

Director/Writer:Tom DiCilloDirector of Photography:Frank PrinziEditors:Camilla Toniolo and Keiko DeguchiMusic:Jim FarmerProduction Designer:Christopher NowakProducers:Tom Rosenberg and Marcus?

Corte Real, Gaspar

(Encyclopedia) Corte Real or Corte-Real, Gaspar g?shpr krt? r?l, c.1450?1501?, Portuguese explorer. Sent by King Manuel I to search for the Northwest Passage, he is said to have discovered?

Alcal la Real

(Encyclopedia) Alcal la Real lkl l r?l, town (1990 pop. 21,128), Jan prov., S Spain, in Andalusia. It has well-known mineral springs. The town played an important part in the conquest of?

Camino Real, El

(Encyclopedia) Camino Real, El [Span.,=The Royal Road]. There are Camino Reals in most former Spanish possessions, including four in former Spanish territory in the United States. Probably the best-?

Real Estate Agent

What is this job like? Real estate agents help people buy and sell houses. They must be able to say approximately how much money a house is worth. They need to know what the neighborhoods in?