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(Encyclopedia) Pindus p?nd?s, Gr. Pndhos, chief mountain range of Greece, extending c.100 mi (160 km) S from the Albanian border through NW Greece. Mt. Smlikas (8,650 ft/2,637 m) is the highest?

Olympic Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Olympic Mountains, highest part of the Coast Ranges, on the Olympic Peninsula, NW Wash. Mt. Olympus (7,965 ft/2,427 m) is the highest point in the mountains, which are composed mainly?

Biqa, Al

(Encyclopedia) Biqa, Al l b?k, or El Bika?l b?k, upland valley of Lebanon and Syria, 75 mi (121 km) long and 5 to 9 mi (8?14.5 km) wide, between the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon ranges; highest part?

Mojave Desert

(Encyclopedia) Mojave or Mohave Desert, c.15,000 sq mi (38,850 sq km), region of low, barren mountains and flat valleys, 2,000 to 5,000 ft (610?1,524 m) high, S Calif.; part of the Great Basin of the?


(Encyclopedia) Chile ch?l?, Span. ch?l?, officially Republic of Chile, republic (2015 est. pop. 17,763,000), 292,256 sq mi (756,945 sq km), S South America, west of the continental divide of the?


(Encyclopedia) Canada k?n?d?, independent nation (2015 est. pop. 35,950,000), 3,851,787 sq mi (9,976,128 sq km), N North America. The second largest country in the world in area, Canada occupies all?


(Encyclopedia) Argentina rj?nt?n?, Span. rh?nt?n, officially Argentine Republic, republic (2015 est. pop. 43,418,000), 1,072,157 sq mi (2,776,889 sq km), S South America. Argentina is bordered?