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Still, William

(Encyclopedia) Still, William, 1821?1902, American abolitionist, b. Burlington co., N.J. After he moved to Philadelphia (1844), he began working for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society (1847) and?

Al Qaeda

(Encyclopedia) Al Qaeda or Al Qaidal k??d?, k?d [Arab.,=the base], Sunni Islamic terrorist organization with the stated goals of uniting all Muslims and establishing a transnational, strict-?

Ray LaHood

Ray LaHood, a former U.S. Representative from Illinois (1994-2008), served as the Secretary of Transportation under President Barack Obama from 2009-13. He led a 60,000-employee agency that regulates?

mass transit

(Encyclopedia) mass transit, public transportation systems designed to move large numbers of passengers. Types and Advantages Mass transit refers to municipal or regional public shared?

How to Save Energy

Give your car?and the Earth?a rest by Rachael Stark Related Links Quiz: Famous Environmentalists Environment and NatureInternational EnergyEPA: Earth DayEarth Day at the Library of Congress?

Lyndon B. Johnson (January 8, 1964)

Mr. Speaker, Mr. President, Members of the House and Senate, my fellow Americans: I will be brief, for our time is necessarily short and our agenda is already long. Last year's congressional?

Jimmy Carter (January 16, 1981)

To the Congress of the United States: The State of the Union is sound. Our economy is recovering from a recession. A national energy plan is in place and our dependence on foreign oil is?