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(Encyclopedia) Protestantism, form of Christian faith and practice that originated with the principles of the Reformation. The term is derived from the Protestatio delivered by a minority of?


Protestantism encompasses the Christian churches that separated from Rome during the Reformation in the 16th century. This movement was initiated by an Augustinian monk, Martin Luther. The?

Francis II

(Encyclopedia) Francis II, 1544?60, king of France (1559?60), son of King Henry II and Catherine de' Medici. He married (1558) Mary Queen of Scots (Mary Stuart), and during his brief reign the?

Court, Antoine

(Encyclopedia) Court, Antoine Ntwn ko?or, 1696?1760, French Protestant preacher, called the Restorer of Protestantism in France. He was successful in reorganizing the remnants of the persecuted?

Alabaster, William

(Encyclopedia) Alabaster, William ?l??b?st?r, ?l?b?s?t?r, 1567?1640, English theologian and poet. Although he wrote two epic poems in Latin, he is remembered for his theological studies, including?

Stuart, Esm, 1st duke of Lennox

(Encyclopedia) Stuart or Stewart, Esm, 1st duke of Lennox ?zm?, 1542??1583, Scottish nobleman; cousin to James VI of Scotland (later James I of England). Born and reared in France, he succeeded his?

Hotman, Franois

(Encyclopedia) Hotman, Franois frNsw tmN, 1524?90, French jurist. Converted (1547) to Protestantism and implicated (1560) in the conspiracy of Amboise (see Amboise, conspiracy of), he spent?

Sandys, Edwin

(Encyclopedia) Sandys, Edwin s?ndz, 1516??1588, English prelate, archbishop of York (1576?88). While a student at Cambridge he turned to Protestantism. On the death (1553) of Edward VI, Sandys?


(Encyclopedia) Olron l?rN, island (1990 pop. 18,453), 68 sq mi (176 sq km), Charente-Maritime dept., W France, in the Bay of Biscay. It is an oystering, farming, and ranching area and a summer?

Agricola, Johann

(Encyclopedia) Agricola, Johann or Johannes y?hn, y?hn?s ?gr?k?l?, c.1494?1566, German Protestant minister, whose family name was Schnitter (originally Schneider). He was born at Eisleben and is?