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(Encyclopedia) center, in politics, a party following a middle course. The term was first used in France in 1789, when the moderates of the National Assembly sat in the center of the hall. It can?

Leach, Edmund Ronald

(Encyclopedia) Leach, Edmund Ronald, 1910?89, British anthropologist, grad. Cambridge (B.A., 1932; M.A., 1938) and Univ. of London (Ph.D., 1947). He was (1957?72) university reader in social?


(Encyclopedia) governor, chief executive of a dependent or component unit in a political system. In the United States, a governor is the chief executive of each state and is elected by the people of?

Brogan, Denis William

(Encyclopedia) Brogan, Denis William br?g?n, 1900?1974, British historian and political scientist, b. Glasgow, Scotland. He was educated at the Univ. of Glasgow, Oxford, and Harvard and was?

Golding, Bruce

(Encyclopedia) Golding, Bruce, 1947?, Jamaican political leader. The son of Tacius Golding, a member of parliament and speaker of the house in the 1960s, he is a graduate of the Univ. of the West?

Behbahani, Simin

(Encyclopedia) Behbahani, Simin, 1927?2014, Iranian poet and political activist, b. Tehran as Siminbar Khalili. The daughter of intellectuals, she studied law at the Univ. of Tehran, then worked as a?

political science

(Encyclopedia) political science, the study of government and political processes, institutions, and behavior. Government and politics have been studied and commented on since the time of the ancient?

Koizumi, Junichiro

(Encyclopedia) Koizumi, Junichiro jo?on?ch?r? k??zo?om?, 1942?, Japanese political leader, b. Yokosuka. From a political family, he studied economics at Keio Univ. (grad. 1967). He entered politics?

Gentz, Friedrich von

(Encyclopedia) Gentz, Friedrich von fr?dr?kh f?n g?nts, 1764?1832, German conservative political theorist. Admirer of the English political system of checks and balances, Gentz was critical of the?

Nemtsov, Boris Yefimovich

(Encyclopedia) Nemtsov, Boris Yefimovich, 1959?2015, Russian physicist and politician. He worked at the Gorky Radiophysics Research Institute (1981?90) before he was elected to the Soviet Congress of?