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Albany Regency

(Encyclopedia) Albany Regency, name given, after 1820, to the leaders of the first political machine, which was developed in New York state by Martin Van Buren. The name derived from the charge that?

Crump, Edward Hull

(Encyclopedia) Crump, Edward Hull, 1876?1954, American politician, Democratic boss of Tennessee, b. near Holly Springs, Miss. At first (1905?9) a municipal administrator in Memphis, Tenn., he was?

Pendergast, Thomas Joseph

(Encyclopedia) Pendergast, Thomas Joseph, 1872?1945, American political boss, b. St. Joseph, Mo. After holding minor political offices (1899?1910) in Kansas City, Mo., he became the acknowledged?

Steffens, Lincoln

(Encyclopedia) Steffens, Lincoln (Joseph Lincoln Steffens), 1866?1936, American editor and author, b. San Francisco, grad. Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1889, and studied three years in Europe.?

Choate, Joseph Hodges

(Encyclopedia) Choate, Joseph Hodges ch?t, 1832?1917, American lawyer and diplomat, b. Salem, Mass.; nephew of Rufus Choate. After being admitted (1855) to the bar, he moved to New York City. His?

Hague, Frank

(Encyclopedia) Hague, Frank h?g, 1876?1956, American politician, mayor of Jersey City, N.J., b. Jersey City. He worked his way up through the ranks of the local Democratic machine and was elected (?

Jones, Samuel Milton

(Encyclopedia) Jones, Samuel Milton, 1846?1904, American political reformer, known as Golden Rule Jones, b. Wales. He was brought to America as a child and worked in the oil fields of Pennsylvania?

MacVeagh, Isaac Wayne

(Encyclopedia) MacVeagh, Isaac Wayne m?kv?, 1833?1917, American political figure, U.S. Attorney General (1881), b. Chester co., Pa. A lawyer, he was the son-in-law of Simon Cameron, Republican boss?

Murphy, Charles Francis

(Encyclopedia) Murphy, Charles Francis, 1858?1924, American political boss, b. New York City. He was the owner of many saloons in New York City and took a keen interest in Democratic politics. His?

Daly, Marcus

(Encyclopedia) Daly, Marcus, 1841?1900, American copper magnate, b. Ireland. He went to New York City at 15 and later moved to California, where he worked as a miner. He was employed by the silver?