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(Encyclopedia) zone [Gr.,=girdle], in geography, area with a certain physical and/or cultural unity that distinguishes it from other areas. The division of the earth into five climatic zones probably?

The Arctic

Region, primarily made up of the frozen Arctic Ocean, that surrounds the North Pole. Land masses include islands and the northern parts of the European, Asian, and North American continents?

Arctic, the

(Encyclopedia) Arctic, the northernmost area of the earth, centered on the North Pole. The arctic regions are not coextensive with the area enclosed by the Arctic Circle (lat. 6630&minut;N) but?

A Profile of the World, 2016

Geography Age: 4.55 billion years old. Total area: 510.072 million sq km (196.940 million sq mi). Land area: 148.94 million sq km (57.?