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(Encyclopedia) Pentecost p?nt?kst [Gr.,=fiftieth], important Jewish and Christian feast. The Jewish feast of Pentecost, in Hebrew Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, one of the three pilgrimage festivals?


(Encyclopedia) Pentecostalism, worldwide 20th?21st-century Christian movement that emphasizes the experience of Spirit baptism, generally evidenced by speaking in tongues (glossolalia). The name?

Brewer's: Pentecost

(Greek, pentecost, fiftieth). The festival held by the Jews on the fiftieth day after the Passover; our Whit-Sunday. Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer,?


(Encyclopedia) Whitsunday: see Pentecost.

Trinity Sunday

(Encyclopedia) Trinity Sunday, first Sunday after Pentecost, observed as a feast of the Trinity. It was an innovation in medieval England and spread through the Western Church in the 14th cent. The?


(Encyclopedia) glossolalia gl?s??l?l?? [Gr.,=speaking in tongues], ecstatic utterances usually of unintelligible sounds made by individuals in a state of religious excitement. Religious revivals are?

Assemblies of God

(Encyclopedia) Assemblies of God, a large group of churches comprising the second largest Pentecostal organization in the United States, founded at Hot Springs, Ark., in Apr., 1914. In doctrine the?

Church of the Nazarene

(Encyclopedia) Church of the Nazarene n?z??r?n, U.S. Protestant denomination established in 1908 through the union of the Church of the Nazarene, based in California; the Association of Pentecostal?


(Encyclopedia) Shavuot sh?vo?o?t [Heb.,=weeks], Jewish feast celebrated on the 6th of the month of Sivan (usually some time in May) in Israel and on the sixth and seventh days in the Diaspora.?

Roelas, Juan de las

(Encyclopedia) Roelas or Ruelas, Juan de las hwn d? ls r??ls, ro?o?ls, c.1558?1625, Spanish painter of the school of Seville. He is sometimes called the Spanish Tintoretto; there are stylistic?