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(Encyclopedia) Parkes, town and area (2016 pop. 14,608), New South Wales, SE Australia. North of the town is the Parkes Observatory, the site of a 210-ft (64-m) movable dish…

theme park

(Encyclopedia) theme park: see amusement park .

Piscataway Park

(Encyclopedia) Piscataway Park: see National Parks and Monuments (table).

Hazel Park

(Encyclopedia) Hazel Park, city (1990 pop. 20,051), Oakland co., SE Mich., a suburb of Detroit; inc. 1942. Hazel Park has varied light manufacturing industries and a racetrack. Most of…

Hyde Park

(Encyclopedia) Hyde Park, 615 acres (249 hectares) in Westminster borough, London, England. Once the manor of Hyde, a part of the old Westminster Abbey property, it became a deer park…

President's Park

(Encyclopedia) President's Park, c.82 acres (33 hectares), Washington, D.C. A unit of the National Park system, it includes the White House , the official residence of the…

amusement park

(Encyclopedia) amusement park, a commercially operated park offering various forms of entertainment, such as arcade games, carousels, roller coasters, and performers, as well as food,…

Central Park

(Encyclopedia) Central Park, 840 acres (340 hectares), the largest park in Manhattan, New York City; bordered by 59th St. on the south, Fifth Ave. on the east, 110th St. on the north,…

Palisades Park

(Encyclopedia) Palisades Park, residential borough (1990 pop. 14,536), Bergen co., NE N.J.; inc. 1899. Palisades Park is notable for its proportionally high Korean-American population.