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Oroville Dam

(Encyclopedia) Oroville Dam, 770 ft (235 m) high and 7,600 ft (2,317 m) long, on the Feather River, N Calif., near the city of Oroville. The highest dam in the United States and the largest unit of?


(Encyclopedia) Feather, river, 80 mi (129 km) long, rising in three forks in the Sierra Nevada, uniting N of Oroville, Calif., and flowing S into the Sacramento River, N of Sacramento, Calif. The?


(Encyclopedia) dam, barrier, commonly across a watercourse, to hold back water, often forming a reservoir or lake; dams are also sometimes used to control or contain rockslides, mudflows, and the?

February 2017 Current Events: Disaster News

Top of Page Science & Technology News | US News | World News The world, unfortunately, can be a very dangerous place. Accidents and natural disasters occur regularly and without warning. Please?