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The Valley of the Shadow

The Valley of the ShadowWhen the first bitterness was over, the family accepted the inevitable, and tried to bear it cheerfully, helping one another by the increased affection which comes to…

Peter Pan: The Shadow

Peter Breaks Through Come Away, Come Away! The Shadow Mrs. Darling screamed, and, as if in answer to a bell, the door opened, and Nana entered, returned from her evening out. She…

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Director:Joe BerlingerWriters:Joe Berlinger and Dick BeebeArtisan Entertainment; 90 minutes; RRelease:10/00Cast:Jeffrey Donovan, Tristen Skyler, Erica Leerhsen Love it or hate it, The Blair…

Flame and Shadow, by Sara Teasdale

  Sara Teasdale Dedication To E. "Recois la flamme ou l'ombre De tous mes jours." Contents Part I Blue Squills Stars "What Do I Care?" Meadowlarks Driftwood "I…

Andersen's Fairy Tales: The Shadow

The False CollarThe Little Match GirlThe Shadow It is in the hot lands that the sun burns, sure enough! there the people become quite a mahogany brown, ay, and in the HOTTEST lands they…

courts of love

(Encyclopedia) courts of love: see chivalry and courtly love .

love bird

(Encyclopedia) love bird: see parrot .

courtly love

(Encyclopedia) courtly love, philosophy of love and code of lovemaking that flourished in France and England during the Middle Ages. Although its origins are obscure, it probably…

Loves Park

(Encyclopedia) Loves Park lŭvz [key], city (1990 pop. 15,462), Winnebago co., N Ill., on the Rock River; inc. 1947. It is chiefly residential.

Love Canal

(Encyclopedia) Love Canal, section of Niagara Falls, N.Y., that formerly contained a canal that was used as chemical disposal site. In the 1940s and 50s the empty canal was used by a…