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National Heritage Areas

Name and location Total acreageCane River (La.)116,000Essex (Mass.)352,000National Historic AreaThe National Park SystemNational Recreation Areas

National Historic Area

Name and location Total acreageAleutian WWII (Alaska)81.00National Park System RiversThe National Park SystemNational Heritage Areas

National Recreation Areas

Name and location Total acreageAmistad (Tex.) 58,500.00Bighorn Canyon (Wyo.-Mont.) 120,296.22Big South Fork (Ky.-Tenn.)125,310.34Boston Harbor Islands (Mass.)1,482.25Chattahoochee River (Ga…

Earth & Environment

Cite Environment covers air pollutants, global warming, the greenhouse effect, and other dangers to the planet. It also includes a glossary of environmental terms as well as a brief directory of…