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(Encyclopedia) Na, symbol for the element sodium .


(Encyclopedia) Ma-na-ssu: see Manas , China.


(Encyclopedia) Rostov-na-Donu Rus. rəstôf´-nə-dəno͞o´ [key] or Rostov on the Don rŏ´stŏv, Rus. rəstôf´ , city (1989 pop. 1,019,000), capital of Rostov region and the administrative c...

Brewer's: Leaba na Feine

[Beds of the Feïne ]. The name of several large piles of stones in Ireland. The ancient Irish warriors were called Fe'-i-ne, which some mistake for Phoeni (Garthaginians), b…

Brewer's: U'na

(Truth, so called because truth is one). She starts with St. George on his adventure, and being driven by a storm into “Wandering Wood,” retires for the night to Hypocrisy's…

Keating, Paul

(Encyclopedia) Keating, Paul, 1944–, Australian politician. A trade-union official and member of the Labor party, he was first elected to parliament in 1969. As federal treasurer (treasury minister) from 19...

Brewer's: Clan-na-Gael

(The). An Irish Fenian organisation founded in Philadelphia in 1870, and known in secret as the “United Brotherhood”; its avowed object being to secure “the complete and abs…