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West, Nathanael

(Encyclopedia) West, Nathanael, 1903–40, American novelist, whose real name was Nathan Weinstein, b. New York City, grad. Brown Univ., 1924. An innovative, highly original author, West…


(Encyclopedia) Nathanael nəthăn´ēəl [key], in the New Testament, disciple mentioned only in St. John's Gospel and plausibly identified with St. Bartholomew .

Pringsheim, Nathanael

(Encyclopedia) Pringsheim, Nathanael nätän´äĕl prĭngs´hīm [key], 1823–94, German botanist, one of the founders of the scientific study of algae. He made important discoveries in the…

Greene, Nathanael

(Encyclopedia) Greene, Nathanael, 1742–86, American Revolutionary general, b. Potowomut (now Warwick), R.I. An iron founder, he became active in colonial politics and served (1770–72,…

The West

Source: The U.S. Department of State Americans have long regarded the West as the last frontier. Yet California has a history of European settlement older than that of most midwestern states…