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(Encyclopedia) Muslim mŭz´lĭm [key] [Arab.,=one who surrenders (himself to God), an agent form of the verb of which Islam is a verbal noun], one who has embraced Islam, a…

Muslim Populations

The Question: What is the largest Muslim country of the world? The Answer: If by that you mean, what country has the largest population of…

Muslim League

(Encyclopedia) Muslim League, political organization of India and Pakistan, founded 1906 as the All-India Muslim League by Aga Khan III. Its original purpose was to safeguard the…

Black Muslims

(Encyclopedia) Black Muslims, African-American religious movement in the United States, split since the late 1970s into the American Society of Muslims and the Nation of Islam. The…

Abu Muslim

(Encyclopedia) Abu Muslim ä´bo͞o mo͝os´lĭm [key], c.728–755, Persian leader of the Abbasid revolution. By political and religious agitation he raised (747) the black banners of…

Muslim Brotherhood

(Encyclopedia) Muslim Brotherhood, officially Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun [Arab.,=Society of Muslim Brothers], religious and political organization founded (1928) in Egypt by…


(Encyclopedia) Moslem: see Muslim .


(Encyclopedia) Mussulman: see Muslim .


(Encyclopedia) Mohammedan and Mohammedanism: see Muslim and Islam respectively.