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(Encyclopedia) moss, any species of the class Bryopsida, in which the liverworts are sometimes included. Mosses and liverworts together comprise the division Bryophyta, the first green land plants to…


(Encyclopedia) Moss môs, city (1995 pop. 25,253), capital of Østfold co., SE Norway, a port on the Oslofjord. It is a commercial, industrial, and tourist center, with shipyards, sawmills, textile…

peat moss

(Encyclopedia) peat moss: see sphagnum.

Irish moss

(Encyclopedia) Irish moss: see seaweed; Rhodophyta.

moss animal

(Encyclopedia) moss animal, common name applied to members of the phylum Ectoprocta.

Spanish moss

(Encyclopedia) Spanish moss, fibrous grayish-green epiphyte (Tillandsia usneoides) that hangs on trees of tropical America and the Southern states, also called Florida, southern, or long moss. It is…