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(Encyclopedia) Mombasa m?mb?s?, ?bs?, city (1990 est. pop. 537,000), capital of Coast prov., SE Kenya, mostly on Mombasa island in the Indian Ocean and partly on the mainland (with which it is?


(Encyclopedia) Kilindini: see Mombasa, Kenya.


(Encyclopedia) Nairobi n?r?b?, city (1996 pop. 3,000,000), capital of Kenya, S Kenya, in the E African highlands. Nairobi is Kenya's largest city and its administrative, communications, and?


(Encyclopedia) Kisumu k?so?omo?o, city (1989 est. pop. 185,100), capital of Nyanza prov., SW Kenya, on Kavirondo Gulf (an arm of Lake Victoria). It is the principal lake port of Kenya, its third?


(Encyclopedia) Pemba p?mb?, island (2012 pop. 223,033), c.380 sq mi (980 sq km), NE Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean just off the E African mainland. Pemba is part of the semiautonomous archipelago of?

Emin Pasha

(Encyclopedia) Emin Pasha ?m?n psh, 1840?92, German explorer, whose original name was Eduard Schnitzer. A physician, he served (1876?78) under Gen. Charles Gordon in Sudan as a district medical?


(Encyclopedia) Jinja j?nj?, city (2002 pop. 71,213), SE Uganda, on the Victoria Nile River, near Lake Victoria. It is an industrial city and the commercial and processing center for a region where?

Almeida, Francisco de

(Encyclopedia) Almeida, Francisco de fr?ns?shko?o d? lm?d?, c.1450?1510, Portuguese admiral, first viceroy of Portuguese India. He was first sent to India in 1503 as captain major of a fleet and?


(Encyclopedia) Kampala kmpl, city (2002 pop. 1,189,142), capital of Uganda, on Lake Victoria. It is Uganda's largest city and its administrative, communications, economic, and transportation?


(Encyclopedia) Kenya k?ny?, k?n?, officially Republic of Kenya, republic (2015 est. pop. 47,236,000), 224,960 sq mi (582,646 sq km), E Africa. Kenya is bordered by Somalia on the east, the Indian?