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Conceived, composed and directed by:Elizabeth SwadosLighting:Beverly EmmonsCostumes:Kaye VoyceOpened:11/97 at the Majestic TheaterCast:Dorothy Abrahams, Vanessa Aspilaga, Carrie Crow, Josie?


(Encyclopedia) Crescens kr?s?nz, in the New Testament, companion of Paul, a missionary in Galatia.

Judas Barsabas

(Encyclopedia) Judas Barsabas brs?b?s, in the New Testament, missionary apostle.


(Encyclopedia) Apollos ?p?l?s, in the New Testament, Alexandrian Jew who became a Christian missionary.


(Encyclopedia) Titus, in the Bible, early Christian, a missionary and friend of St. Paul. According to later tradition he was a bishop in Crete.

Chabanel, Nol

(Encyclopedia) Chabanel, Nol (St. Nol Chabanel)n?l shbn?l, 1613?49, French missionary in North America, a Jesuit. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1630, came as a missionary to New France in?

Egede, Hans

(Encyclopedia) Egede, Hans hns ?g?d?, 1686?1758, Norwegian Lutheran missionary, called the Apostle of Greenland. He went to Greenland in 1721 and, with the support of the Danish government, founded?

Carey, William

(Encyclopedia) Carey, William, 1761?1834, English Baptist missionary and Orientalist, one of the first Protestant missionaries to India. He helped found the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792 and?

Brown, Samuel Robbins

(Encyclopedia) Brown, Samuel Robbins, 1810?80, American missionary and educator, b. East Windsor, Conn. As a missionary (1839?47) to China, he took charge of a school founded by the Morrison?