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Ralston, James Layton

(Encyclopedia) Ralston, James Layton rlst?n, 1881?1948, Canadian cabinet minister, b. Nova Scotia. In the first Mackenzie King administration, he was minister of national defense (1926?30); in the?

Fielding, William Stevens

(Encyclopedia) Fielding, William Stevens, 1848?1929, Canadian statesman, b. Halifax, N.S. A newspaper editor in Halifax, he entered the provincial legislature in 1882 and was provincial prime?


(Encyclopedia) Dukhobors or Doukhoborsboth: do?ok?brz [Russ.,=spirit wrestlers], religious group, prominent in Russia from the 18th to the 19th cent. The name was coined by the Orthodox opponents?

Easter Island

(Encyclopedia) Easter Island, Span. Isla de Pascua, Polynesian Rapa Nui, remote island (1992 pop. 2,770), 66 sq mi (171 sq km), in the South Pacific, c.2,200 mi (3,540 km) W of Chile, to which it?


(Encyclopedia) Canada k?n?d?, independent nation (2015 est. pop. 35,950,000), 3,851,787 sq mi (9,976,128 sq km), N North America. The second largest country in the world in area, Canada occupies all?


(Encyclopedia) Japan j?p?n, Jap. Nihon or Nippon, country (2015 est. pop. 127,975,000), 145,833 sq mi (377,835 sq km), occupying an archipelago off the coast of E Asia. The capital is Tokyo, which,?

Bulgaria Department of State Background

U.S. Department of State Background Note Bulgaria Index: Geography and People Historical Highlights Government and Political Conditions Economy Defense Foreign Relations U.S.-Bulgarian Relations?

Poland Department of State Background

U.S. Department of State Background Note Poland Index: People History Government and Political Conditions Economy Foreign Relations and National Security U.S.-Polish Relations PEOPLE Poland?