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Mexico City

(Encyclopedia) Mexico City: see Mexico, city, Mexico.


(Encyclopedia) Coyoacn: see Mexico, city.

Texcoco, Lake

(Encyclopedia) Texcoco, Lake: see Mexico, city; Tenochtitln.


(Encyclopedia) Iztacalco or Ixtacalcoboth: ?stklk?, city (1990 pop. 448,322), Federal District, S central Mexico. It is an industrial center adjacent to Mexico City. Several historic landmarks?


(Encyclopedia) Netzahualcyotl n?tswlk?y?t?l, city (1990 pop. 1,255,456), Mexico state, S central Mexico. It is a one of Mexico City's largest and poorest suburban municipalities. The city is?


(Encyclopedia) Naucalpan nouklpn, city (1990 pop. 772,483), Mexico state, S central Mexico, on the Hondo River. It is an industrial extension of Mexico City and is officially called Naucalpan de?


(Encyclopedia) Contreras k?ntr?rs, village, central Mexico, near Mexico City, site of an important battle (Aug. 19?20, 1847) of the Mexican War. Gen. Winfield Scott, continuing his advance after?


(Encyclopedia) Xochimilco s?ch?m?lk?, town (1990 pop. 271,151), Federal District, S central Mexico, suburb of Mexico City. Mainly a commercial and tourist center, it is famous for its canals lined?


(Encyclopedia) Mexico, city (1990 pop. 11,290), seat of Audrain co., central Mo., in a farm area; inc. 1857. Prefabricated homes, firebrick, trailers, and ceramic tile are manufactured, and there are?

Los Mochis

(Encyclopedia) Los Mochis l?s m?ch?s, city (1990 pop. 162,659), Sinaloa state, W Mexico. Los Mochis is connected to Mexico City by highway and to the port of Topolobampo by road and rail. It also?