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(Encyclopedia) mark, designation for the free village community that was supposed to have been the unit of primitive German social life. According to a theory formulated in the 19th cent. by Georg?

John Mark

(Encyclopedia) John Mark: see Mark, Saint.

china marks

(Encyclopedia) china marks, potter's trademark or signature, incised in the plastic clay before firing or printed before glazing on the bottom of the piece to identify it as his product. The?

Mark, Saint

(Encyclopedia) Mark, Saint [Lat. Marcus], Christian apostle, traditional author of the 2d Gospel (see Mark, Gospel according to). His full name was John Mark. His mother, named Mary, had a house in?

Rothko, Mark

(Encyclopedia) Rothko, Mark r?thk?, 1903?70, American painter, b. Dvinsk, Russia (now Daugavpils, Latvia), as Marcus Rotkovitch. His family immigrated to the United States in 1913. He was a student?

Mark, Gospel according to

(Encyclopedia) Mark, Gospel according to, 2d book of the New Testament. The shortest of the four Gospels and probably the earliest, it is usually thought to have been composed shortly before the?