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Otis, Harrison Gray

(Encyclopedia) Otis, Harrison Gray, 1837?1917, American soldier and journalist, b. Marietta, Ohio. He was (1860) a member of the Republican national convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln for?

Wright, Willard Huntington

(Encyclopedia) Wright, Willard Huntington, pseud. S. S. Van Dine, 1888?1939, American art critic and mystery story writer, b. Charlottesville, Va. He attended college in California and later studied?

Buchwald, Art

(Encyclopedia) Buchwald, Art b?kwld, bo?ok?, 1925?2006, American humorist, b. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. He began (1949) a syndicated entertainment column for the New York Herald Tribune while living in?


(Encyclopedia) Chandler, family of American real estate developers and publishers. Harry Chandler, 1864?1944, b. Landaff, N.H., moved to Los Angeles and during the early 20th cent. was very largely?

Darrow, Clarence Seward

(Encyclopedia) Darrow, Clarence Seward, 1857?1938, American lawyer, b. Kinsman, Ohio. He first practiced law in Ashtabula, Ohio. In 1887 he moved to Chicago, where he was corporation counsel for?

Wen Ho Lee

After growing up in Taiwan, Wen Ho Lee moved to the United States in 1965 to continue studying engineering. He became a U.S. citizen in 1974, and in 1978 he took a job as a scientist in weapons?

Pulitzer Prizes: Spot News Reporting

1991Miami Herald staff1992New York Newsday staff1993Los Angeles Times staff1994New York Times staff1995Los Angeles Times staff1996Robert D. McFadden (New York Times)1997Newsday staff (Long?


(Encyclopedia) newspaper, publication issued periodically, usually daily or weekly, to convey information and opinion about current events. Early Newspapers The earliest recorded effort to inform?