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(Encyclopedia) lighthouse, towerlike structure erected to give guidance and warning to ships and aircraft by either visible or radioelectrical means. Lighthouses were long built to…

The Devil's Dictionary: Lighthouse

by Ambrose Bierce LIFELIMBLIGHTHOUSE -n. A tall building on the seashore in which the government maintains a lamp and the friend of a politician.

Brewer's: Lighthouse

The most celebrated of antiquity was the one erected by Ptolemy Soter in the island of Pharos, opposite Alexandria. Josephus says it could be seen at the distance of 42 miles. It was one…

Point Judith

(Encyclopedia) Point Judith, promontory extending into Block Island Sound, S R.I., in the town of Narragansett. A U.S. Coast Guard station and a lighthouse are there.


(Encyclopedia) Eddystone ĕd´ĭstən [key], lighthouse, 135 ft (41 m) high, on dangerous rocks in the English Channel, S of Plymouth, SW England. It is the fourth lighthouse on the site (…

West Quoddy Head

(Encyclopedia) West Quoddy Head, promontory extending into the Atlantic Ocean, SE Maine, SE of Lubec; the easternmost point in the continental United States. A lighthouse is there.

Wrath, Cape

(Encyclopedia) Wrath, Cape, promontory, Highland, NW Scotland. It is the northwestern extremity of the Scottish mainland. The headland, 368 ft (112 m) high, has a lighthouse.

Dalén, Nils Gustaf

(Encyclopedia) Dalén, Nils Gustaf, 1869–1937, Swedish engineer. Dalén joined the Gas Accumulator Company (later reorganized as the Swedish Gas Accumulator Company and known as AGA) in…


(Encyclopedia) Izalco ēsäl´kō [key], volcano, 7,828 ft (2,386 m) high, W El Salvador. It was sometimes called the Lighthouse of the Pacific because it was visible to 19th-century…


(Encyclopedia) Fraserburgh frā´zərbərə [key], town (1991 pop. 12,478), Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland, on the North Sea. It is one of Scotland's leading fishing ports. Herring and…