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(Encyclopedia) life, although there is no universal agreement as to a definition of life, its biological manifestations are generally considered to be organization, metabolism, growth, irritability,?


John Mertus1993I've been following with interest the thread on using worms to eat the garbage. Since there seems to be interest in earthworms, I am re-posting a combination of three posts?

still life

(Encyclopedia) still life, a pictorial representation of inanimate objects. The term derives from the 17th-century Dutch still-leven, meaning a motionless natural object or objects. Evolution of?

life preserver

(Encyclopedia) life preserver, a personal flotation device (PFD) intended to keep the wearer afloat, particularly in case of shipwreck. A Type I PFD will keep even unconscious people afloat in a face?

The Life

Book:David Newman, Ira Gasman and Cy ColemanMusic:Cy ColemanLyrics:Ira GasmanDirector:Michael BlakemoreChoreography:Joey McKeelySets:Robin WagnerCostumes:Martin PakledinazLighting:Richard?

Life for Life

Life for LifeThe summer days that followed were full of rest and pleasure for young and old, as they did the honours of Plumfield to their happy guests. While Franz and Emil were busy with?

life support system

(Encyclopedia) life support system: see artificial life support; Life Support for Human Spaceflight under space science.