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Lee Smith

Lee SmithBorn: Dec. 4, 1957Baseball RHP 3-time NL saves leader (1983,91-92); retired as all-time saves leader with 478 and an ERA of 3.03; 10 seasons with 30 or more saves and 3 times saved?

Bontecou, Lee

(Encyclopedia) Bontecou, Lee b?nt?ko?o, 1931?, American artist, b. Providence, R.I. Bontecou is best known for the abstract sculptures she created from 1959?1967, three-dimensional wall reliefs made?


(Encyclopedia) smithing: see forging.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee was a professional skateboarding champion before he was cast as Brodie Bruce in Kevin Smith's movie Mallrats (1995). He then played Banky Edwards in Smith's Chasing Amy (1997, with Ben?

John Smith

John SmithBorn: Aug. 9, 1965Wrestler 2-time NCAA champion for Oklahoma St. at 134 lbs (1987-88) and Most Outstanding Wrestler of '88 championships; 3-time world champion; gold medal winner at?

Kevin Smith

Name at birth: Kevin Patrick SmithAfter finishing film school Kevin Smith made the low-budget comedy hit Clerks (1994), a classic in the cinematic sub-genre of "slacker movies." His other movies,?

Will Smith

Will Smith was the "Fresh Prince" part of the 1980s musical pop duo D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and by 1990 his charisma and infectious enthusiasm had landed him the lead in a TV sitcom,?

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar for his supporting role in The Fugitive (1993), and got just as much attention as the movie's star, Harrison Ford. Jones played Samuel Gerard, the relentless U.S.?

Tommy Lee Jones Biography

Tommy Lee JonesactorBorn: 9/15/1946Birthplace: San Saba, Texas Academy- and Emmy Award-winning film and television actor best known for his role in The Fugitive (1993) that won him the supporting?

Michelle Smith deBruin

Michelle Smith deBruinBorn: Apr. 7, 1969Irish swimmer won three gold medals at the 1996 Olympics; accused of using performance-enhancing drugs but passed all tests until she was suspended for?