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(Encyclopedia) Kaunas kou´näs [key], Pol. Kowno, Rus. Kovno, city (1993 pop. 429,000), in Lithuania, on the Neman River. It is a river port and an industrial center with industries producing ...


(Encyclopedia) Kovno: see Kaunas , Lithuania.


(Encyclopedia) Neman nyĕ´mən [key], Ger. Memel, Lithuanian Nemanos, Pol. Niemen, river, c.580 mi (930 km) long, rising in central Belarus, SW of Minsk. It flows generally W to Grodno,...

Lithuania Overview

(Encyclopedia) Lithuania lĭtho͞oā´nēə [key], Lithuanian Lietuva, officially Republic of Lithuania, republic (2015 est. pop. 2,932,000), 25,174 sq mi (65,201 sq km), N central Europe. Lithuania b...

Lithuania Department of State Background

U.S. Department of State Background Note Lithuania Index: Geography People Government and Political Conditions Economy Foreign Relations GEOGRAPHYThe largest and most populous of…