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Jim Crow laws

(Encyclopedia) Jim Crow laws, in U.S. history, statutes enacted by Southern states and municipalities, beginning in the 1880s, that legalized segregation between blacks and whites. The name is?

Brewer's: Jim Crow

Brought out at the Adelphi in 1836. The character of Jim Crow played by T. D. Rice, as the original of the ?nigger minstrels? since so popular. A renegade or turncoat is called a Jim Crow?

Plessy v. Ferguson

(Encyclopedia) Plessy v. Ferguson, case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1896. The court upheld an 1890 Louisiana statute mandating racially segregated but equal railroad carriages, ruling that?

minstrel show

(Encyclopedia) minstrel show, stage entertainment by white performers made up as blacks. Thomas Dartmouth Rice, who gave (c.1828) the first solo performance in blackface and introduced the song-and-?

Woodward, C. Vann

(Encyclopedia) Woodward, C. Vann (Comer Vann Woodward), 1908?99, American historian, b. Vanndale, Ark. He graduated from Emory Univ. (1930), received his Ph.D. in history from the Univ. of North?

Freedom Riders

(Encyclopedia) Freedom Riders, American civil-rights demonstrators who engaged (1961) in nonviolent protests against segregation of public interstate buses and terminals in the South. From the 1940s?

Great Migration

(Encyclopedia) Great Migration, in U.S. history. 1 The migration of Puritans to New England from England, 1620?40, prior to the English civil war. As a result of the increasingly tyrannical rule of?

Douglass, Frederick

(Encyclopedia) Douglass, Frederick d?gl?s, c.1818?1895, American abolitionist, b. near Easton, Md. as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. The son of a black slave, Harriet Bailey, and a white?

South, the

(Encyclopedia) South, the, region of the United States embracing the southeastern and south-central parts of the country. Traditionally, all states S of the Mason-Dixon Line and the Ohio River (?


(Encyclopedia) integration, in U.S. history, the goal of an organized movement to break down the barriers of discrimination and segregation separating African Americans from the rest of American?