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Jewish Holidays

The Question: What are the three most important holidays in the Jewish religion and how many holidays are there altogether? The Answer: The two?

The Jewish Calendar

The Jewish calendar is based on both solar and lunar years. The average lunar year of about 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by the addition of a leap year and an intercalary month. Nisan is?

liturgy, Jewish

(Encyclopedia) liturgy, Jewish, rites, observances, and procedures of Judaism. Communal prayer, with a quorum of ten men (or in some modern communities, ten people), replaced the priests of the?

Jewish Autonomous Region

(Encyclopedia) Jewish Autonomous Region or Birobidzhanb?r?b?jn, autonomous region (1995 pop. 211,900), c.13,800 sq mi (35,700 sq km), Khabarovsk Territory, Russian Far East, in the basins of the?

Jewish liturgical music

(Encyclopedia) Jewish liturgical music, the music used in the religious services of the Jews. The Bible and the Talmud record that spontaneous music making was common among the ancient Jews on all?

The Tradition of Jewish Holidays

The Question: Why do Jewish holidays begin at sundown? There has to be a practical answer other than referring to the traditions of the Jewish Calendar. The Answer: We're not really sure what?

U.S. Jewish Population?

The Question: What is the approximate Jewish population in the United States? The Answer: According to the Jewish Virtual Library,?