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(Encyclopedia) IRAS: see infrared astronomy .


(Encyclopedia) Ira ī´rə [key], in the Bible. 1 Chief officer of David. 2, 3 Two of David's guard.


(Encyclopedia) IRA. 1 In Irish history, see Irish Republican Army . 2 In economics, see Individual Retirement Account .

Dies irae

(Encyclopedia) Dies irae dē´ās ē´rā [key] [Lat.,=day of wrath], hymn of the Roman Catholic Church. A part of the Requiem Mass, it is a powerful description of the Judgment and a prayer…

Levine, David

(Encyclopedia) Levine, David, 1926–2009, American caricaturist, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., studied Pratt Institute, Tyler School of Art, Temple Univ., Philadelphia, and Eighth Street School of…

Levine, Jack

(Encyclopedia) Levine, Jack ləvīn´ [key], 1915–2010, American painter, b. Boston. Levine began his career with the Federal Arts Project. His savagely realistic paintings, executed with…

Levine, James

(Encyclopedia) Levine, James, 1943–, American conductor, b. Cincinnati, Ohio. A piano prodigy, he was a soloist with the Cincinnati Symphony at the age of 10. After extensive musical…

Levine, Philip

(Encyclopedia) Levine, Philip, 1928–2015, American poet, b. Detroit, grad. Wayne State Univ. (B.A., 1950; A.M., 1954), Univ. of Iowa (M.F.A., 1957). The son of Russian Jewish immigrants…

Sovern, Michael Ira

(Encyclopedia) Sovern, Michael Ira, 1931–, American lawyer and educator, president of Columbia Univ. (1980–93), b. New York City. He graduated from the Columbia Univ. Law School in 1955…

Allen, Ira

(Encyclopedia) Allen, Ira, 1751–1814, political leader in early Vermont, b. Cornwall, Conn. He was the younger brother and the assistant of Ethan Allen . Although he was a member…