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Land's End

(Encyclopedia) Land's End, promontory, Cornwall, SW England, forming the westernmost extremity of the English mainland. Of wave-carved granite, it has cliffs c.60 ft (20 m) high.…


(Encyclopedia) Howard, English noble family. Landowners in Norfolk from the 13th cent., the Howards obtained the duchy of Norfolk through the marriage of Sir Robert Howard to Margaret…

Howard Cosell

Howard CosellBorn: Mar. 25, 1918Radio-TV former ABC commentator on Monday Night Football and Wide World of Sports, who energized TV sports journalism with abrasive “tell it like it is” style.…

Howard Dean

Name at birth: Howard Brush Dean IIIHoward Dean served as governor of Vermont from 1991 until 2003, and was a Democratic candidate for president in 2004. Dean had previously worked as a physician;…

Duff, Howard

actorBirthplace: Bremerton, Wash.Born: 1917Died: 1990

Howard, Ken

actorBirthplace: El Centro, Calif.Born: 3/28/44

Keel, Howard

(Harold Clifford Leek)singer, actorBirthplace: Gillespie, Ill.Born: 1919Died: 2004