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(Encyclopedia) Hollywood. 1 Community within the city of Los Angeles, S Calif., on the slopes of the Santa Monica Mts.; inc. 1903, consolidated with Los Angeles 1910. Most major film and television?

Ruscha, Ed

(Encyclopedia) Ruscha, Ed (Edward Joseph Ruscha 4th)ro?osh?, 1937?, American artist, b. Omaha, Neb. He is closely associated with Los Angeles, where he moved to attend (1956?60) the Chouinard Art?

Mighty Joe Young

Director: Ron UnderwoodWriters: Mark Rosenthal and Lawrence KonnerBuena Vista; PG; 114 minutesRelease:12/98Cast: Charlize Theron, Bill Paxton, Rade Serbedzija, Peter Firth, David Paymer and?