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(Encyclopedia) Haridwar hr?dwr? or Hardwarhrdwr?, city (1991 pop. 187,392), Uttarakhand state, N India, on the Ganges River. The headworks of the Ganges Canal system are located in Haridwar.?


(Encyclopedia) Pabna p?bn, city (1991 pop. 103,277), W Bangladesh, on the Ichamati River. It is noted for handloom products and hosiery; it has important jute mills. The Hindu temple of Jor Bangla?


(Encyclopedia) Kumbakonam ko?omb?k?n?m, city (1991 pop. 150,869), Tamil Nadu state, SE India, on the Kaveri River. Its district, in the richest part of the river delta, has one of the highest?


(Encyclopedia) Brent, outer borough (1991 pop. 226,100) of Greater London, SE England. The area is a rail and industrial center. Its manufactures include automobile parts, clocks and watches, and?


(Encyclopedia) Thanjavur t?njvo?or, formerly Tanjoret?njr, city (1991 pop. 202,013), Tamil Nadu state, SE India. It is a district administrative headquarters and a rice-milling center on the?


(Encyclopedia) Mathura m?tho?or, m?tr? or Muttram?tr?, city (1991 pop. 235,922), Uttar Pradesh state, N central India, on the Yamuna River. An agricultural market town and district administrative?

Mahmud of Ghazna

(Encyclopedia) Mahmud of Ghazna mmo?od, g?zna, 971??1030, Afghan emperor and conqueror. He defeated (c.999) his elder brother to gain control of Khorasan (in Iran) and of Afghanistan. In his raids?


(Encyclopedia) Ujjain o?oj?n, o?oj?n, city (1991 pop. 362,633), Madhya Pradesh state, central India, on the Sipra River. Many pilgrims visit Ujjain, which Hindus consider one of the holiest places?


(Encyclopedia) Kanchipuram k?nch?po?or?m, formerly Conjeeveram, city (1991 pop. 171,129), Tamil Nadu state, S India. Sacred to Hindus, it is known as the golden city and the Varanasi of the south.?

Advani, Lal Krishna

(Encyclopedia) Advani, Lal Krishna, 1927?, Indian political leader, b. Karachi, British India (now in Pakistan). A lawyer and a member of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), he was?