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Hindu Kush

(Encyclopedia) Hindu Kush hĭn´do͞o ko͝osh [key], a high mountain system, extending c.500 mi (800 km) W from the Pamir Knot, N Pakistan, into NE Afghanistan; rising to 25,236 ft (7,692…

Hindu philosophy

(Encyclopedia) Hindu philosophy, the philosophical speculations and systems of India that have their roots in Hinduism . Characteristics Hindu philosophy began…

Hindu music

(Encyclopedia) Hindu music. The music of India is entirely monodic. To Westerners it is the most accessible of all Asian musical cultures. Its tonal system divides the octave into 22…

Hindu Festival Dates 2016-2025

Here are the dates for Hindu festivals, including Diwali, Hindi New Year, Maha Shiva Ratri, and Holi, from 2016 to 2025. Year…

The Hindu (Indian National) Calendar

The Indian National Calendar, often called the “Hindu Calendar,“ is based on both lunar and solar years. This calendar was introduced in 1957 in a government…


(Encyclopedia) Samkhya säng´kyə [key]: see Hindu philosophy .

Tirich Mir

(Encyclopedia) Tirich Mir, peak: see Hindu Kush .

Indian music

(Encyclopedia) Indian music, of India: see Hindu music .


(Encyclopedia) Nyaya nyä´yə [key]: see Hindu philosophy .