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Duncansby Head

(Encyclopedia) Duncansby Head or Duncansbay Head, sandstone cliff, 210 ft (64 m) high, Highland, NE Scotland. It is the northeastern extremity of the Scottish mainland.

Dunnet Head

(Encyclopedia) Dunnet Head, sandstone promontory, 341 ft (104 m) high, Highland, NE Scotland. It is the northern extremity of the Scottish mainland.

Diamond Head

(Encyclopedia) Diamond Head, peak, 761 ft (232 m) high, along the rim of an extinct volcano, SE Oahu island, Hawaii. A prominent point in the Honolulu skyline, Diamond Head was…

Beachy Head

(Encyclopedia) Beachy Head, high chalk cliffs (575 ft/175 m), on the south coast of East Sussex, S England. The battle of Beachy Head, in the War of the Grand Alliance, was fought (1690…

Head Start

(Encyclopedia) Head Start, U.S. educational program for disadvantaged preschool children, established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Aimed initially only at poor children,…

Indian Head

(Encyclopedia) Indian Head, town (1991 pop. 1,827), SE Sask., Canada, E of Regina. In a wheat-growing region, it has flour mills and grain elevators. A dominion experimental and…

Flamborough Head

(Encyclopedia) Flamborough Head flăm´bərə [key], chalk promontory, East Riding of Yorkshire, E England, N of Bridlington Bay. There is a lighthouse at the tip. Danes' Dyke (an…


(Encyclopedia) head-hunting, practice of taking and preserving the head of a slain enemy. It has occurred throughout the world from ancient times into the 20th cent. In Europe, it…