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Safe Harbor

WBMonday 9:00?10:00 p.m.; canceledCast:Gregory Harrison, Rue McClanahan, Christopher Khaymen Lee, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Lelliott, Orlando Brown, and Jamie Williams Florida sheriff John Loring?

Pearl Harbor Remembered

"A date which will live in infamy" The USS Arizona gouts smoke before finally going underwater. Related Links Encyclopedia: Pearl Harbor Encyclopedia: World War II World War II?

The Devil's Dictionary: Harbor

by Ambrose Bierce HARANGUEHARMONISTSHARBOR -n. A place where ships taking shelter from stores are exposed to the fury of the customs.

Pearl Harbor (Film)

Director:Michael BayWriter:Randall WallaceTouchstone Pictures; PG-13; 183 minutesRelease:5/01Cast:Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale The good thing about heading to the theaters to?


(Encyclopedia) harbor: see port.

harbor seal

(Encyclopedia) harbor seal, most commonly seen seal of the Northern Hemisphere, Phoca vitulina. Harbor seals are found along coasts and in sheltered bays and harbors of North America, Europe, and NE?

Pearl Harbor

(Encyclopedia) Pearl Harbor, land-locked harbor, on the southern coast of Oahu island, Hawaii, W of Honolulu; one of the largest and best natural harbors in the E Pacific Ocean. In the vicinity are?

Benton Harbor

(Encyclopedia) Benton Harbor, city (1990 pop. 12,818), Berrien co., SW Mich., on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the St. Joseph River opposite St. Joseph; inc. 1869. A long-time fruit industry, tourist?