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habeas corpus

(Encyclopedia) habeas corpus h?b??s krp?s [Lat.,=you should have the body], writ directed by a judge to some person who is detaining another, commanding him to bring the body of the person in his?

Brewer's: Habeas Corpus

The ?Habeas Corpus Act? was passed in the reign of Charles II., and defined a provision of similar character in Magna Charta, to which also it added certain details. The Act provides (1)?

false imprisonment

(Encyclopedia) false imprisonment, complete restraint upon a person's liberty of movement without legal justification. Actual physical contact is not necessary; a show of authority or a threat?

Milligan, ex parte

(Encyclopedia) Milligan, ex parte, case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1866. By authorization of Congress, President Lincoln in 1863 suspended the writ of habeas corpus in cases where military?


(Encyclopedia) Copperheads, in the American Civil War, a reproachful term for those Northerners sympathetic to the South, mostly Democrats outspoken in their opposition to the Lincoln administration?

Brown, Joseph Emerson

(Encyclopedia) Brown, Joseph Emerson, 1821?94, U.S. public official, b. Pickens District, S.C. As governor of Georgia during the Civil War, Brown quarreled with Jefferson Davis over conscription and?

martial law

(Encyclopedia) martial law, temporary government and control by military authorities of a territory or state, when war or overwhelming public disturbance makes the civil authorities of the region?

Merryman, ex parte

(Encyclopedia) Merryman, ex parte, case decided in 1861 by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney sitting as a federal circuit judge in Baltimore. John Merryman, a citizen of Maryland, was imprisoned by the U.?

Sidmouth, Henry Addington, Viscount

(Encyclopedia) Sidmouth, Henry Addington, Viscount, 1757?1844, British statesman. He entered Parliament in 1784 and in 1789, through the sponsorship of William Pitt, became speaker of the House of?