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(Encyclopedia) Guam gwm, Chamorro Guhan, officially Territory of Guam, the largest, most populous, and southernmost of the Mariana Islands (see also Northern Mariana Islands), an unincorporated?


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(To) The ship is bound for no specific place. In the height of the gold fever, ships were chartered to carry passengers to Australia without having return cargoes secured for them. They?


(Encyclopedia) Guhan: see Guam.


(Encyclopedia) Agaa, Guam: see Hagta.

Mariana Islands

(Encyclopedia) Mariana Islands: see Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.


(Encyclopedia) Marianas: see Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.


(Encyclopedia) Hagta h?g?tny? or Agaagny, city (2010 pop. 1,051), capital of the island of Guam, W Pacific, in the Mariana Islands. It is the administrative center of Guam, and many of the?


(Encyclopedia) Micronesia m?kr?n?zh?, ?sh?, one of the three main divisions of Oceania, in W Pacific Ocean, north of the equator. Micronesia includes the Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Mariana?