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The Great Apes

The Great Apes Fast facts on these amazing animals by Holly Hartman Read great ape profiles Famous Researchers Dian FosseyJane GoodallRelated Links Scientific ClassificationEncyclopedia:?

Peter the Great

Name at birth: Petr AlekseevichPeter the Great was the Russian czar who transformed Russia from an isolated agricultural society into an Empire on a par with European powers. Peter was the son of?

Alexander the Great

A towering figure in ancient history, Alexander the Great came close to conquering the entire civilized world of his day. The son of King Phillip II of Macedon, Alexander was educated by the?

Xerxes the Great

The Persian king who nearly conquered Greece This carving on Xerxes' tomb depicts soldiers from the many nations of the Achaemenid Empire.The first of many Persian empires was the Achaemenid Empire.?

Great Expectations

Director:Alfonso CuaronWriter:Mitch GlazerDirector of Photography:Emmanuel LubezkiEditor:Steve WeisbergMusic:Patrick DoyleProduction Designer:Tony BurroughProducer:Art LinsonTwentieth Century?

Constantine I The Great

Name at birth: Flavius Valerius Aurelius ConstantinusConstantine I came to the throne when his father, Constantius, died in 306. After defeating his rivals, Constantine became the sole ruler of the?

Great Trek

(Encyclopedia) Great Trek: see Trek, Great.