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April 2016: Goldman Sachs Fined

World News | Disasters & Science News Here's a slideshow depicting the major U.S. news events of April 2016. 1. Supreme Court Rules: One Person, One Vote 2. Villanova: NCAA Champions 3.?

Barroso, Jos Manuel Duro

(Encyclopedia) Barroso, Jos Manuel Duro zho?oz? mnw?l do?orouN br?zo?o, 1956?, Portuguese politician, b. Lisbon. A leftist activist while in law school, he became a Social Democrat in 1980?

Zoellick, Robert Bruce

(Encyclopedia) Zoellick, Robert Bruce z?ll?k, 1953?, U.S. government official and finance executive, b. Evergreen Park, Ill., grad. Swarthmore College (B.A., 1975), Harvard (J.D., M.P.P. 1981). As?

Mnuchin, Steven Terner

(Encyclopedia) Mnuchin, Steven Terner m?no?och?n, 1962?, U.S. business leader, b. New York City, grad. Yale, 1985. An investment banker, he joined Goldman Sachs in 1985, becoming a partner in 1994?

Paulson, Henry Merritt, Jr.

(Encyclopedia) Paulson, Henry Merritt, Jr., 1946?, U.S. investment banker and government official, b. Palm Beach, Fla., grad. Harvard (M.B.A., 1970). After working as an assistant to the comptroller?

American International Group

(Encyclopedia) American International Group (AIG), American multinational insurance corporation whose potential bankruptcy in 2008 led to the largest federal bailout of a private company. AIG was?

Draghi, Mario

(Encyclopedia) Draghi, Mario m?? drg?, 1947?, Italian economist and government and international official, b. Rome, grad. Sapienza Univ. of Rome (1970), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.?

Rubin, Robert Edward

(Encyclopedia) Rubin, Robert Edward ro?ob?n, 1938?, U.S. business executive and government official, b. New York City. A graduate of Harvard, he attended the London School of Economics before?

Henry Paulson, 2006 News

chief executive of Goldman Sachs, was nominated by President Bush in May to become Secretary of the Treasury. If nominated, he will succeed John Snow, whose resignation had been expected for?

Pelli, Csar

(Encyclopedia) Pelli, Csar, 1926?2019, American architect, b. Tucumn, Argentina. Pelli graduated (1949) from the Univ. of Tucumn, immigrated (1952) to the United States, and subsequently attended?