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Stock, Frederick

(Encyclopedia) Stock, Frederick (Friedrich Wilhelm August Stock)st?k, 1872?1942, German-American conductor and composer. He came to the United States in 1895 as a violist in the Chicago Orchestra and?

Bergmann, Carl

(Encyclopedia) Bergmann, Carl b?rgmn, 1821?76, German-American musician and conductor. A cellist with the Germania Orchestra, he came with it to the United States in 1850 and subsequently in Boston?

Graupner, Gottlieb

(Encyclopedia) Graupner, Gottlieb (Johann Christian Gottlieb), 1767?1836, German-American musician. In 1795 he came to the United States, settling in Charleston, S.C., where he played in the City?

Klebs, Edwin

(Encyclopedia) Klebs, Edwin kl?ps, 1834?1913, German-American pathologist, b. Prussia. He was an assistant of Rudolf Virchow and professor of pathology at Zrich (1872?92) and from 1896 at Rush?

Frasch process

(Encyclopedia) Frasch process frsh [for Herman Frasch, the German-American chemist who devised it], process for the extraction of sulfur from subsurface deposits. Three pipes, one inside another,?

Wolpe, Stefan

(Encyclopedia) Wolpe, Stefan sht?fn vlp?, 1902?72, German?American composer. Of Jewish ancestry, he went to live in Palestine in 1933, but settled in the United States in 1938. Wolpe wrote?

Ney, Elisabeth

(Encyclopedia) Ney, Elisabeth or Elisabet n?, 1833?1907, German-American sculptor, b. Mnster. After studying sculpture at Munich and Berlin, she traveled widely and executed busts of King George V?

Houston Grand Opera

(Encyclopedia) Houston Grand Opera, opera company in Houston, Tex., founded 1955 by the German-American impresario and conductor Walter Herbert, who was general director and conductor until 1972. The?

Dehmelt, Hans Georg

(Encyclopedia) Dehmelt, Hans Georg hns g?rkh d?m?lt, 1922?2017, German-American physicist, b. Gorlitz, Germany, Ph.D. Univ. of Gttingen, 1950. A professor at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle,?

Socialist Labor party

(Encyclopedia) Socialist Labor party, in the United States, begun in 1877 by New York City socialists. Its membership came largely from German-American workingmen. During the 1880s a national?