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Tu Fu

(Encyclopedia) Tu Fu do͞o fo͞o [key], 712–70, Chinese poet. In Pinyin, his name is romanized as Du Fu. Tu Fu is often considered the greatest of Chinese poets. He did not pass the imperial civil service ...

Tei Fu Chen Biography

Tei Fu Chenskin care entrepreneurBorn: 1948Birthplace: Chiayi, Taiwan Chen studied Chinese medicine and attended pharmacy school in Tawian. He married Oi Lin. The couple came t…

Tse Hsi

(Encyclopedia) Tse Hsi, Chinese empress dowager: see Tz'u Hsi .

Tsu Hsi

(Encyclopedia) Tsu Hsi, Chinese empress dowager: see Tz'u Hsi .

Chu Hsi

(Encyclopedia) Chu Hsi jo͞o shē [key], 1130–1200, Chinese philosopher of Neo-Confucianism. While borrowing heavily from Buddhism, his new metaphysics reinvigorated Confucianism . According to Chu H...


(Encyclopedia) Fu-chou, Fujian prov., China: see Fuzhou .


(Encyclopedia) Fu-chou or Fuchow, Jiangxi prov., China: see Linchuan .

Wu P'ei-fu

(Encyclopedia) Wu P'ei-fu wo͞o pā´-fo͞o [key], 1874–1939, Chinese general and political leader. He had a distinguished military career under the Ch'ing dynasty and was an important figure in the republ...


(Encyclopedia) Hsi-an, China: see Xi'an .


(Encyclopedia) Hsi-k'ang, China: see Xikang .