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(Encyclopedia) Phaedrus f?dr?s, fl. 1st cent. &AD;, Latin writer, a Thracian slave, possibly a freedman of Augustus. He wrote fables in verse based largely on those of Aesop. The prose?


(Encyclopedia) Narcissus, d. &AD; 54, secretary of the Roman Emperor Claudius I. A freedman with great influence, he revealed to Claudius the intrigue of Messalina and expedited her death (&?

Verrius Flaccus, Marcus

(Encyclopedia) Verrius Flaccus, Marcus mrk?s v?r??s fl?k?s, fl. 20 &BC;, Roman grammarian. A freedman, he was appointed by Augustus to educate his grandsons and died at an advanced age during?

Felix, Antonius

(Encyclopedia) Felix, Antonius, fl. &AD; 60, Roman procurator of Judaea, Samaria, Galilee, and Peraea (c.&AD; 52?&AD; 60), a freedman of Claudius I. He was judge of the apostle Paul. He?

Coffin, Levi

(Encyclopedia) Coffin, Levi, 1798?1877, American abolitionist, b. North Carolina. In 1826 he moved to the Quaker settlement of Newport (now Fountain City), Ind., where he kept a store until 1847. His?

black codes

(Encyclopedia) black codes, in U.S. history, series of statutes passed by the ex-Confederate states, 1865?66, dealing with the status of the newly freed slaves. They varied greatly from state to?

Kern, Jerome

(Encyclopedia) Kern, Jerome krn, 1885?1945, American composer of musicals, b. New York City. After studying in New Jersey and New York he studied composition in Germany and England. His first?

Hesse, Hermann

(Encyclopedia) Hesse, Hermann h?rmn h?s?, 1877?1962, German novelist and poet. A pacifist, he went to Switzerland at the outbreak of World War I and became (1923) a Swiss citizen. The spiritual?

Le Guin, Ursula Kroeber

(Encyclopedia) Le Guin, Ursula Kroeber kr?b?r l? gw?n, 1929?2018, American writer, b. Berkeley, Calif.; daughter of anthropologist Alfred Louis Kroeber. Possessing a keen eye for physical and?


(Encyclopedia) Domitian (Titus Flavius Domitianus)d?m?sh?n, &AD; 51?&AD; 96, Roman emperor (&AD; 81?&AD; 96), son of Vespasian. Although intended as the heir to his older brother,?