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Achebe, Rousseau, Yourcenar, and more A-B | C | D-F | G-H | I-L | M-N | O-P | R-S | T-Z Achebe, Chinua Adams, Henry Addison, Joseph Aesop Agee, James Agno…

Brewer's: Merlan

(French). A whiting, or a hairdresser. Perruquiers are so called because at one time they were covered with flour like whiting prepared for the frying-pan. “Madressant à un merla…

Brewer's: Foods and Wines

Gastronomic curiosities. Foods. Sterlets from the Volga. Eels from the Tiber. Grouse from Scotland. Bustards from Sweden. Bears' feet from the Black Forest. Bison humps from America. Fillet…