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(Encyclopedia) fog, aggregation of water droplets or ice crystals immediately above the surface of the earth (i.e., a cloud near the ground). A light or thin fog is usually called a mist. Fog may?

Brewer's: Old Fogs

The 87th Foot; so called from the war-cry ?Fag-an-Bealach? (Clear the way), pronounced Faug-a-bellagh. The 87th Foot is now called ?The Royal Irish Fusiliers.? Source: Dictionary of?

Sara Teasdale: Gray Fog

Gray FogA fog drifts in, the heavy laden Cold white ghost of the sea ? One by one the hills go out, The road and the pepper-tree.I watch the fog float in at the window With the whole world?

History In View: The Fog of War

The Problem One of the biggest barriers to learning more about history is the inaccessibility of most scholarly history books. The best history for research purposes is tight in its focus, has a?

Sara Teasdale: White Fog

White FogHeaven-invading hills are drowned In wide moving waves of mist, Phlox before my door are wound In dripping wreaths of amethyst.Ten feet away the solid earth Changes into melting?

Brewer's: Fog-eater

A white bow in the clouds during foggy weather is so called. Such a bow was seen in England during January, 1888. A week preceding, the weather had been clear, sunshiny, and genial, then?


(Encyclopedia) mist: see fog.

Baird, John Logie

(Encyclopedia) Baird, John Logie, 1888?1946, Scottish inventor. In 1926 he gave the first demonstration of true television with a televisor of his own invention that differed from later instruments?


(Encyclopedia) sunstone. 1 Crystal mineral thought by some to have been used by the Vikings as an aid to navigation, especially in conditions of low visibility due to clouds or fog when the position?