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Ellis Island

(Encyclopedia) Ellis Island, island, c.27 acres (10.9 hectares), in Upper New York Bay, SW of Manhattan island. Government-controlled since 1808, it was long the site of an arsenal and a fort, but?

Laning, Edward

(Encyclopedia) Laning, Edward l?n?ng, 1906?1981, American painter, b. Petersburg, Ill., studied Art Institute of Chicago and Art Students League of New York. He is best known as a painter of murals?

Angel Island

(Encyclopedia) Angel Island, largest island in San Francisco Bay, W Calif. Explored by the Spanish in 1775, it came under U.S. control in 1851. The U.S. army used the island as a base from 1863 to?

Battery, the

(Encyclopedia) Battery, the, park, 21 acres (8.5 hectares), southern tip of Manhattan island, New York City; site of former Dutch and English fortifications. Castle Clinton, a fort built in 1808 for?

Iacocca, Lee

(Encyclopedia) Iacocca, Lee (Lido Anthony Iacocca)???k?k?, 1924?2019, American automobile business executive, b. Allentown, Pa., grad. Lehigh Univ. (1945), Princeton (M.A., 1946). That year he?

Monk, Meredith Jane

(Encyclopedia) Monk, Meredith Jane, 1942?, American dancer, choreographer, composer, singer, director, and filmmaker, b. Lima, Peru, grad. Sarah Lawrence College, 1964. A major figure in the avant-?

Liberty, Statue of

(Encyclopedia) Liberty, Statue of, statue on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay, commanding the entrance to New York City. Liberty Island, c.10 acres (4 hectares), formerly Bedloe's Island (?

Ellis & Angel Islands

A look at the role these two islands have played in immigration over the years 1892 Ellis Island opens as an immigration station in New York harbor. 1907 In a single day, 11,747?