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courts of love

(Encyclopedia) courts of love: see chivalry and courtly love .

love bird

(Encyclopedia) love bird: see parrot .

courtly love

(Encyclopedia) courtly love, philosophy of love and code of lovemaking that flourished in France and England during the Middle Ages. Although its origins are obscure, it probably…

Loves Park

(Encyclopedia) Loves Park lŭvz [key], city (1990 pop. 15,462), Winnebago co., N Ill., on the Rock River; inc. 1947. It is chiefly residential.

Love Canal

(Encyclopedia) Love Canal, section of Niagara Falls, N.Y., that formerly contained a canal that was used as chemical disposal site. In the 1940s and 50s the empty canal was used by a…

Love, Alfred Henry

(Encyclopedia) Love, Alfred Henry, 1830–1913, American pacifist, b. Philadelphia. Love, a Quaker, remained firm in his principles at the outbreak of the Civil War, refusing even to hire…

Taylor, Robert Love

(Encyclopedia) Taylor, Robert Love, 1850–1912, U.S. politician, governor of Tennessee (1887–91, 1897–99), b. Carter co., Tenn. A lawyer, he was a Democrat in Congress (1879–81) and in…

Peacock, Thomas Love

(Encyclopedia) Peacock, Thomas Love, 1785–1866, English novelist and poet. He was employed by the East India Company from 1819 to 1856, serving as its chief examiner the final 20 years…


(Encyclopedia) love-in-a-mist, hardy annual garden plant ( Nigella damascena ) of the family Ranunculaceae ( buttercup family), having finely cut foliage and blue or white…