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Castle Mountains National Monument

(Encyclopedia) Castle Mountains National Monument, 20,920 acres (8,466 hectares), SE California. Surrounded on three sides by the Mojave National Preserve (see Mojave Desert), the monument contains?

Sand to Snow National Monument

(Encyclopedia) Sand to Snow National Monument, 154,000 acres (62,000 hectares) in the San Bernadino Mountains, S Calif. It rises from the Sonoran Desert floor to Mount San Gorgonio (11,503 ft/3,506 m?

Mojave Trails National Monument

(Encyclopedia) Mojave Trails National Monument, 1.6 million acres (647,000 hectares), SE California. Linking Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve, it follows the trails of the?

Gold Butte National Monument

(Encyclopedia) Gold Butte National Monument, 296,937 acres (90,506 hectares), SE Utah, est. 2016 and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Named for a mining ghost town, the monument embraces a?


(Encyclopedia) tortoise trt?s, common name for a terrestrial turtle, especially one of the family Testudinidae. Tortoises inhabit warm regions of all continents except Australia. They have club-?


(Encyclopedia) desert, arid region, usually partly covered by sand, having scanty vegetation or sometimes almost none, and capable of supporting only a limited and specially adapted animal population?


Capital: Carson City State abbreviation/Postal code: Nev./NV Governor: Brian Sandoval, R (to Jan. 2019) Lieut. Governor: Mark Hutchison, R (to Jan. 2019) Senators:Catherine Cotrez Masto, D (to?

State Symbols

StateSongBirdTreeFlowerAlabama?Alabama? (1931)yellowhammer (1927)Southern longleaf pine (1949, 1997)camellia (1959)Salt water fish: fighting tarpon (1955); Fresh water fish: largemouth bass (?