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Delaware Bay

(Encyclopedia) Delaware Bay: see Delaware, river.


(Encyclopedia) Delawared?l?wr, ?w?r, river, c.280 mi (450 km) long, rising in the Catskill Mts., SE N.Y., in east and west branches, which meet at Hancock. It flows SE along the New York??

De la Warr, Thomas West, 12th Baron

(Encyclopedia) De la Warr, Thomas West, 12th Baron d?l?w?r, 1577?1618, English colonial governor of Virginia. He saw fighting in the Netherlands and was knighted when serving in Ireland. He?


(Encyclopedia) Delmarva d?lmrv?, peninsula, c.180 mi (290 km) long, separating Chesapeake Bay on the west from Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean on the east; named for the three states (Delaware?

Cape May

(Encyclopedia) Cape May, city (1990 pop. 4,668), Cape May co., S N.J., on Cape May peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean; settled in the 1600s, inc. 1857. One of the nation's oldest beach resorts and?

Barney, Joshua

(Encyclopedia) Barney, Joshua brn?, 1759?1818, American naval officer and privateer, b. Baltimore. He entered the navy early in the American Revolution, engaged in many feats of daring, and was?

Vries, David Pietersen de

(Encyclopedia) Vries, David Pietersen de dv?t p?t?rs?n d? vr?s, b. c.1593, Dutch merchant captain and colonizer. An experienced mariner, Vries, in partnership with directors of the Dutch West?

Hudson, Henry

(Encyclopedia) Hudson, Henry, fl. 1607?11, English navigator and explorer. He was hired (1607) by the English Muscovy Company to find the Northeast Passage to Asia. He failed, and another attempt (?

horseshoe crab

(Encyclopedia) horseshoe crab, large, primitive marine arthropod of the family Limulidae, related to the spider and scorpion and sometimes called a king crab (a name also used for the largest of the?


(Encyclopedia) Delawared?l?wr, ?w?r, one of the Middle Atlantic states of the United States, the country's second smallest state (after Rhode Island). It is bordered by Maryland (W, S), and?