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Tourneur, Cyril

(Encyclopedia) Tourneur, Cyril tûr´nər, 1575?–1626, English dramatist and poet. Little is known of his life. The Transformed Metamorphosis (1600), an allegorical satire, was his first published work…


(Encyclopedia) Cyrillic: see alphabet.

Ritchard, Cyril

actor, directorBirthplace: Sydney, AustraliaBorn: 1898Died: 1977

Cyril Lucar

(Encyclopedia) Cyril Lucar: see Lucaris, Cyril.

Cyril, Saint

(Encyclopedia) Cyril, Saint (Saint Cyril of Alexandria)sĭr´əl, d. &AD; 444, patriarch of Alexandria (412–44), Doctor of the Church, known for his animosity toward heretics and heathens. He drove…

Cyril and Methodius, Saints

(Encyclopedia) Cyril and Methodius, Saints sĭr´əl; məthō´dēəs, d. 869 and 884, respectively, Greek missionaries, brothers, called Apostles to the Slavs and fathers of Slavonic literature. Their…

Burt, Cyril Lodowic

(Encyclopedia) Burt, Cyril Lodowic lŏd´əwĭk, lō´də–, 1883–1971, British psychologist. Educated at Oxford and Würzburg, he became a prominent figure in psychology. Burt made significant contributions…

Cyril, Saint

(Encyclopedia) Cyril, Saint (Saint Cyril of Jerusalem)sĭr´əl, c. 315–386, bishop of Jerusalem (c. 350–386), Doctor of the Church. Ordained by his predecessor as bishop, St. Maximus, he was deposed in…