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(Encyclopedia) commutator, device used in an electric generator to convert the alternating current produced in the generator into direct current before the current is sent into an external circuit;?

commutation of sentence

(Encyclopedia) commutation of sentence, in criminal law, reduction of a sentence for a criminal act by action of the executive head of the government. Like pardon, commutation of sentence is a matter?

commutative law

(Encyclopedia) commutative law, in mathematics, law holding that for a given binary operation (combining two quantities) the order of the quantities is arbitrary; e.g., in addition, the numbers 2 and?


(Encyclopedia) ring, in mathematics, system consisting of a set R of elements and two binary operations, such that addition makes R a commutative group and multiplication is associative and?


(Encyclopedia) Edwardsville, city (1990 pop. 14,579), seat of Madison co., SW Ill.; inc. 1819. It is mainly residential, with many citizens commuting to St. Louis. A campus of Southern Illinois Univ?


(Encyclopedia) Guildford g?lf?rd, town (1991 pop. 61,509) and district, Surrey, SE England, on the Wey River. The county seat of Surrey, Guildford is a market and residential commuter town of London?

So Joo de Meriti

(Encyclopedia) So Joo de Meriti souN zhwouN ?? m?r?t?, d? m?r?t?, city (1990 est. pop. 508,200), Rio de Janeiro state, SE Brazil, a residential suburb northwest of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It?


(Encyclopedia) Barrie, city (1991 pop. 62,728), S Ont., Canada, on the west shore of Lake Simcoe. It is a commuter city in the Toronto metropolitan region. Among the city's diverse manufactures?

Welwyn Garden City

(Encyclopedia) Welwyn Garden City w?l?n, town (1991 pop. 40,665), Hertfordshire, E central England. It is a garden city, founded by Ebenezer Howard in 1920, as well as one of the new towns. Its?


(Encyclopedia) telecommuting, an arrangement by which people work at home using a computer and telephone, accessing work-related materials at a business office, or transmitting materials to an office?